General terms and conditions

Study association Psychology in Nijmegen (SPIN) Contribution and Payment terms and conditions

Regarding the payment of contribution by the members of the Study association Psychology in Nijmegen (SPiN), filed at the Chamber of Commerce for Central Gelderland in Arnhem under number 09184577.


Article 1 General/definitions

  • The association: the legal entity that is Study association Psychology in Nijmegen (SPiN), located in Nijmegen.
  • Members: the natural persons who have applied for membership in accordance with the Articles of Association.
  • Association year: the association year coincided with the financial year as defined in the By-laws and runs from October 1st to September 30th.


Article 2 Requesting membership

Paragraph 1. Membership requests must be submitted digitally or in writing to the Board and must contain the applicant’s personal information (full name, date of birth, and address), bank account information, student number, e-mail address, agreement to contribution deduction, and signature.

Paragraph 2. The board may decide not to honour a membership request, as referred to in article 6 of the Articles of Association.


Article 3 Personal information

Paragraph 1. The association reserves the right to use personal information for the purposes of its activities, in accordance with the GDPR.

Paragraph 2. Personal information will not be shared with third parties unless decided otherwise by the General Members Assembly. The board may only share personal information with a committee member if it is necessary for the performance of his or her duties.


Article 4 Contribution

Paragraph 1. Membership will be granted in accordance with the Articles of Association and the By-laws, and upon payment of an annual contribution, to be determined by the General Members Assembly no later than eight weeks before the end of the association year.

Paragraph 2. Members owe an annual contribution on the first day of the association year or on the day they registered as a member.

Paragraph 3. If membership is granted at a different point during the association year, the member is required to pay the full contribution for the entire year.

Paragraph 4. The contribution must be paid via direct debit on a date to be decided by the board.


Article 5 Resignation and termination

Paragraph 1. Membership can be terminated in the subsequent association year in accordance with the Articles of Association and the By-laws.

Paragraph 2. Association membership will be terminated by resignation, in accordance with article 5.1.

Paragraph 3. Nevertheless, immediate termination of membership by resignation is possible within one month after a member was notified of an amendment to the contribution fees, pursuant to article 4.1 of this document.

Paragraph 4. The association may terminate membership immediately if a member remains in default despite repeated reminders. The member shall remain obliged to pay the contribution and/or fulfil other membership obligations.

Paragraph 5. A member who has resigned from the association is still obliged to meet the financial obligations arising from his or her membership or participation in association activities.


Article 6 Payment defaults

Paragraph 1. The association is entitled to charge the member for all judicial and extrajudicial costs incurred. These costs will be charged to the member as soon as they are in default and the matter has been handed over to a debt collection agency.

Paragraph 2. A declaration by the relevant lawyer, bailiff or collection agency will serve as proof of these extrajudicial costs.

Paragraph 3. In the event of non-payment, the association is entitled to suspend all products and services provided as part of membership, registration, or agreement with the association. The member will be eligible for all services after the contribution has been paid in full.


Article 7 Applicable law

Paragraph 1. Membership is governed by Dutch law.

Paragraph 2. This regulation must be adopted by the General Members Assembly at least two months before the end of the association year.

Paragraph 3. The Articles of Association and the By-laws of the Study association Psychology in Nijmegen should be consulted for all matters not referred to in these conditions.

Drawn up by the VIth Board of the Study Association Psychology in Nijmegen, revised by the XVIth Board, and adopted by the General Members’ Assembly on 13-03-2024.



Other general terms and conditions

Concerning the registration of the memberships, it is required to record a number of data of our members. Together with name and address, these data are:

  • Date of birth
  • E-mail address
  • Bank account number (IBAN) and BIC code
  • Signature
  • Student number


To look through your recorded data, you can ask the Secretary and file a motion to change, add or dismiss your data. Besides that, you can look through and change your personal data if you ‘Log in’ on the website.


Way of use

The Study association Psychology in Nijmegen (SPiN) uses the data for their own registration, the collection of the contribution and to communicate with the members.

Besides that, the data is used to request for subsidy and/or board grants at multiple organizations from the Radboud University. This applies in specific to the student number, which SPiN can use to request the status of the student at the Radboud University as a part of the request for subsidy and/or board grants.

By joining the Study association, I authorize SPiN to use my data as described above.